The Inner Art of Airmanship

Master Pilots Share Secrets

We learn from every pilot we fly with, every pilot we talk to. Sometimes we learn a lot. This collection of interviews and essays, from some pilots I’ve been lucky to talk with, gives a peek behind the curtain. They’ve flown fantastic airplanes, for wildly different organizations all over the world. But what’s interesting is seeing common connections, the core inner airmanship that holds true for all types of flying.

A huge thank you to all the pilots who’ve been generous with sharing their knowledge:

It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.

J.K. Rowling

A single lifetime, even though entirely devoted to the sky, would not be enough for the investigation of so vast a subject.


Do what you love. Know your own bone; gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it, and gnaw it still.

Henry David Thoreau

We’re just focusing on skiing and improving. We’re not talking about statistics or wins or even medals.

Mikaela Shiffrin